Our Story

Breeze Connection was launched in 2015 and initially started out supporting tradesmen to find new customers, whilst we dealt with their business services; sales, marketing, finance management, customer service and general admin.

Since then we have naturally evolved into what we are now, based on what our clients needed most! We now support small local business with marketing support. The strength of our support is dependant on their business size, stage of business and existing support. Our vision is support the success of the entrepreneur and the growth of small local businesses.

Meet The Team

Emma Frew

Managing Director

Emma directs and controls all aspects of the business and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Christian Miguel

Project Manager

Christian handles the administrative business. He is crucial in following up on tasks assigned and making sure everything is scheduled and posted.

Marketing Strategist

Dearbhla plans all the content to be created. She analyses statistics to determine the best type of content to create, when to create it, and where to post it.

Dearblha Brodigan

Richard Hellier

Web Developer/Designer

Richard's recently joined the team and will ensure our websites are updated and optimised.

Samantha Strang

Sales Representative

Samantha meets with potential clients to help create targeted sales funnels designed to increase total overall sales.

Morgan Berry

Graphic Designer

Morgan creates our visual graphics  ensuring that brands stay true to their visual aesthetics.

Lauren Brown

Graphic Designer

Lauren creates our visual graphics, keeping brands consistent with their image.

Maggie Newberry


Maggie creates all the copy, making sure the language used is engaging and true to the brand image.

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