It can be daunting as an individual to hire and invite a tradesperson into your home. How do you know they are good quality? Trustworthy? We vet tradespeople before ever sourcing work for them. We  then work with you throughout the full transaction of service to ensure you are happy from start to finish. 


Letting agents have a busy role, keeping landlords and tenants happy with their various responsibilities. We understand the nature of their business and come in to act as an extra team member. This can either be to support them when their team of trades are unavailable, to cover one trade they struggle to find or to manage repairs across the board. We work alongside the agent to suit their needs and processes. (its also FREE!)


Many private landlords prefer manage their properties themselves, rather than using the services of a letting agent. The down side to this is the hassle when repair works are required! We can take this pain away from you by either being the point of contact for your tenants to report works being done then alert you with quotes to ensure you are left without the hassle but keeping your tenants happy.