• Simon Grigg

Your Website – the Start of a Journey

You buy a house because you fall in love with its garden. To maintain it beauty, tranquillity, sense or order etc. you mow the grass, prune the trees, add new plants to the borders and establish new trees for the future. Hopefully, over the years, it will mature and become a place you enjoy even more, and even add additional value to your property!

A website is very similar.

Like the garden analogy above, a website needs nurturing to grow and flourish and become an essential part of your business! Its purpose is to engage your customers with either great information, promote the services you provide, or it showcases the amazing products that you sell.

What are the fundamental foundations that need to be in place for a successful website?

The Best Platform for Your Business

You can build a website on many different types of platforms: Wix, Shopify, Woo Commerce, WordPress, Squarespace & Magento are just a few that come to mind. Each platform occupies a particular niche (and budget). You might want amazing graphics to feature your services (Wix, Squarespace). Maybe your focus is a rock solid e-commerce platform (Shopify). You may have a large business that warrants custom made development (Magento). Have a good look around – there’s plenty of information out there, which details their features.

A Detailed Brief.

Once you have decided on the platform and website agency that you’ll use, get a detailed brief put together. This should cover the number of pages you want to have, each page’s focus or topic, the customer data you want to capture, and the colours, fonts and images to use. You may want additional functionality, to those that come with the platform: i.e. customer reviews, affiliate tracking, delivery options, e-mail integration - plug-ins and apps are available for each platform - options are endless!

Get the Basic SEO Elements in Place.

These are the page title, H1 and H2 tags and the meta-description for each page on the website. Every image you use should have an Alt Text (a label Google can use to identify and index images). Do your keyword research and identify those keywords that potential customer use to find your services or products.


What’s your favourite website? The betting is you visit that website or platform, because every day it’s got new content, which informs or entertains you. To keep your customers coming back to your site you need to have new content added to the site. As a recommendation it needs to be regularly updated – at least every 4-6 weeks.

Get these four basics in place and you will have set solid foundations for a successful website!

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