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Privacy Policy


What information of yours we have and why:

  • We will take some of the following information as necessary to assist in dealing with the work you have asked us to organise for you.

    • Some of the types of information we will ask for:

      • Contact name for the point person.

      • Contact number for any parties involved that require contact.

      • Email address.

      • Billing address.

      • Information about the work to be carried out.

      • Login information and similar required account information to allow us to deliver our services. 


How we store and use your information:

  • Your information is stored on our private software (run by and who have offices based within the UK. We may also share your basic contact information with the relevant third parties who work with us to deliver our services by email.

  • Unless specified by you or requested and confirmed by you, we will not share your personal information with anyone other our third party team of freelancers and agencies.


How and when we dispose of your information:

  • We will keep your information on file unless requested by you for this to be deleted, or if we are notified of a customer passing away.

  • On the occasion that we are disposing of your information, we will do this by permanently deleting this from our online software.


If you would like to see a copy of the information we hold on file for you at anytime please feel free to contact us on the following information:


Mail - Breeze Connection Ltd, 9 Glasgow Road, Paisley PA1 3QS United Kingdom

Email -

Phone - (+44) 0333 006 4541


Please note we are also members of the ICO.

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