We understand.

You have so much to think about.
Every month you have to make sure enough business comes in to ensure you can survive.
Then you have to deliver on every product or service that has been bought and make sure your clients are all happy with their purchase. You also have to think about areas such as your team, regulations, systems and procedures, your accounts, and the list goes on...
this is before thinking about your own personal life and family!
When life gets busy, let's be honest, we fight the fires first. 
Often in business, this strategy causes a small business owner to put sales & marketing to the bottom of the priority list. Which can end up creating the largest fire over time..

Most small business owners make either...

Choice One: 

They use hope as their main source of gaining sales.

They do not know where their sale is coming from, they hope people will talk about them, they hope people will find them on Google, they hope people will have kept their business card.

There is no guarantee with this option. 

Choice Two:
They try to do everything.
They try to run their business, deliver their services / products. They try to learn about marketing and sales techniques and do these themselves. They try to spin all the plates, normally on their own but sometimes with the help of their team.. which they also have to manage! The problem with this, there is no priority or focus on sales and marketing because it relies on you (or your team’s) expertise, and you have other areas which require your attention and focus. 
There is a lot of risk with this option. 
Our services are unique because we have one strong system and a team of experts which allows a small business owner on a small budget to apply a minimum of 5 strategies to gain leads. 
Everything we create for you, you own and you can control. 
We create a sales funnel with you! This funnel ensures quality leads within your target audience are being attracted towards you and have the highest possible chance of turning into paying clients, including return and repeat clients. 
Our set up process includes:
  • Creation of  a new website or an upgrade to your current website with the changes required to launch your sales funnel. 
  • We set up any additional systems required including social media channels, email and paid advertising systems.
Included in our monthly packages: 
  • Managing at least four lead generators (best suited to your business) which can include social media channels, as well as other traditional and online methods.
  • We set up and manage paid adverts every month, including ad spend.
  • Management of your email campaigns to build a bank of paying clients.
  • Monthly reporting to track areas including new reach, social following, email subscribers, website visitors, calls booked, lead generated, sales made. 
  • Monthly progress meetings where we will review the previous months report and we will present a progression plan for the upcoming month to discuss with you. 

Ardanach Lettings | Property Industry

Martin & Sons | Construction Industry

Every month we ensure that your business: 

  • Has a minimum of 5 strategies sourcing new leads.

  • The correct supporting systems for maximising sales, fully branded including your website.

  • Supported by a full team of experts with a personalised account manager.

  • Ongoing support to ensure business growth is guaranteed from month to month. 

Our average client spends less than half of a full time wage for an employed marketing coordinator who would be limited in experience, time, energy and focus - plus you would have to motivate & manage them! 

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