Breeze Connection Ltd.

Terms & Conditions.

Updated on 14th November 2018


Breeze Connection Ltd, is a company registered in Scotland under company number SC525145 with our registered office at 20 Mill Road, Irvine, KA12 0JL.


The company launched in on 26 January 2016 as we seen a need for business assistance to tradespeople with rising issues across the UK. We exist and aim to make the transaction between customer and tradesperson smoother. The hope is that we bring value back to tradespeople's customers and therefore also to the tradespeople, improving their reputation across the UK.






  • Breeze Connection Ltd acts as an agent for the individual or teams of tradespeople.

  • We are NOT liable for the tradesperson’s quality of work, insurance, health & safety or employment.

  • We are solely responsible for business management on behalf of the tradespeople.





Customers have various issues whilst working with tradespeople including but not limited to:

  • Reliability - tradespeople are known for being unreliable and not showing up to scheduled jobs at all or on time. Sometimes not even having the ability to organise an appointment.

  • Communication - tradespeople are known to have poor and lacking communication skills in areas such as providing quotes and invoices, giving timelines for jobs to be complete, and various details about jobs being complete etc.

  • Organisation - as jobs are processed there are often times where the customer has a tight deadline, or various trades are involved which tradespeople can often fail to deliver on.

  • Invoices - tradespeople are known to either delay or fail to provide quotes and invoices or on some cases they look for payments before work is complete which delays or stops works being finished for the end customer.

  • Quality of work - often when customers are directly hiring individual tradespeople, they have very little back story to ensure the quality of work is going to be of a good standard.

  • Complaint handling - if customers have any issues whilst working directly with tradespeople, it is very common that the tradespeople will not deal efficiently in a manner that the customer would expect to rectify the issues.





We have created a service which we believe rectifies many of the issues above which you can read some examples of as follows:

  • Reliability - part of our contracts for tradespeople that are signed up with our services states that for any appointments we organise for them, if they are running more than 15 minutes late they should either directly contact the customer or let us know so that we can contact them.

  • Communication - for every job that we add to our system we walk the journey with the customer and tradesperson, for example if we organise for a tradesperson to view and quote for works to be done for a customer, the tradesperson supplies this quote to us which we review and often ask further questions which we pre-empt the customer asking to provide the the customer with by email in a professional format with as much information as possible. This assists to ensure quotes as accurate as to what has been asked for and also that the initial quote remains the same as the final payment required as much as possible.

  • Organisation - For smaller and equally bigger jobs with one or more trades involved we  help to provide management to assist with completing works within customers deadlines.

  • Invoices - we process all active jobs on a daily basis to ensure paperwork is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. On most occasions we also organise for payments to be made on completion of works to ensure the works as fully complete as expected by the customer.

  • Quality of work - although we cannot guarantee the quality of the finished work we do our best to do check and prepare for the worst. For a tradesperson to join our services, we personally meet with the business owner, we take full contact information for them, a copy of their public liability insurance, certification for their trades authoritative body and 2 references of previous customers whom we contact to ask specifically about quality of work.  

  • Complaint handling - if after all of our checks there is issues that arise with a tradespersons work we will do our best to work alongside the customer and tradesperson to ensure the issue is rectified from a level of customer service and coordination. If on the very odd occasion the tradesperson is unsatisfactory to resolve issues we work with the customer to provide as much information as possible for them to process legal matters as they decide to.





  • Customers can contact us to notify us of works they would like quoted for or completed.

  • We take the customers contact information and details of the works.

  • We either provide available appointment times or gain this information and again contact the customer organise this with them directly.

  • The tradesperson (a) views and quotes for works or (b) completes the works.

  • The tradesperson supplies a quote or invoice to Breeze Connection which we then review and put into a professional template to pass onto the customer.

  • We check in with customers to ensure they are happy and the work is complete.

  • The tradesperson sends us the invoice for the works and any relevant paperwork. We then provide a payment declaration to the customer so this is in a clean professional format (customer are welcome to request the invoice from the tradesperson).

  • We work with the customer to ensure payments are made within 1 week of the payment declaration being sent out.

  • Payment is made into our client account which we then deduct a commission for our services and make payment to the relevant tradesperson for the job.


Please note for landlord and letting agents we deal with the tenant on their behalf and prepare any paperwork in the landlord’s name. We also can make arrangements with the each individual letting agent to assist with their processes, providing updates and timelines to suit their requirements.






  • Ensure trades people we work with are checked and vetted before processing work for them on their behalf, including that they sign our partnership agreement.

  • Ensure works are organised as and when requested within customer and trades persons availability.

  • Ensure the customer receives a high level of customer service throughout the transaction. We act as a point of contact for the customer on behalf of the trades person.

  • Deal with any business management service required as part of the transaction between customer and trades person.

  • Ensure issues are dealt with efficiently by the trades person.

  • Ensure payment is made on completion of works and the trades person is paid within due dates.





  • Ensure work is carried out as and when organised for them by Breeze Connection.

  • They are liable and responsible for quality control of all work completed.

  • Ensure the relevant paperwork and certification is issued efficiently.

  • Health and safety procedures are followed whilst working on a customers property.

  • They have the correct and valid insurance for their trade, team and works.






Although we do our best to check the tradespeople we work with, unfortunately we cannot guarantee works will always be completed without any issues arising.


The benefit of working with us rather than directly with a tradesperson is that we can assist in dealing with this, speak to the trades person on your behalf and arrange appointments for the issue to be resolved. We can also provide all of the initial paperwork including copies of insurance which you can use for any legal matter if necessary.






What information of yours we have and why:

  • We will take some of the following information as necessary to assist in dealing with the work you have asked us to organise for you.

    • Some of the types of information we will ask for:

      • Contact name for the point person.

      • Contact name for tenant (if applicable).

      • Contact name for the landlord (if applicable and differing).

      • Contact number for any parties involved that require contact.

      • Email address to send invoices, quotes and paperwork.

      • Address for any work to be completed at.

      • Billing address (if different).

      • Information about the work to be carried out.

      • Copies of certification completed at the property - as a backup in case you need it in future.


How we store and use your information:

  • Your information is stored on our private software (run by wo have offices based within the UK. We may also share your basic contact information with the tradespeople through our diary system by email.

  • Unless specified by you or requested and confirmed by you, we will not share your personal information with anyone other than the required tradespeople.


How and when we dispose of your information:

  • We will keep your information on file unless requested by you for this to be deleted, or if we are notified of a customer passing away.

  • On the occasion that we are disposing of your information, we will do this by permanently deleting this from our online software.


If you would like to see a copy of the information we hold on file for you at anytime please feel free to contact us on the following information:


Mail - Breeze Connection Ltd, Marathon House, Olympic Business Park, Dundonald, KA2 9AE

Email -

Phone - (+44) 1294 446446


Please note we are also members of the ICO.